A Brilliant New Tree Arrives

Inspiration: Ever since I started creating trees, I wanted to make a weeping willow. I love how their branches seem to touch the earth. They have a generous shade and these trees are very talkative even with the slightest breeze.

So, for a really long time I envisioned in my head how I could make this happen. Took me some time, but the weeping willows have become natives in Drømme Lund by now 🙂

For this particular piece, I would like to thank a lovely lady that send me a pm some time ago. She was searching for some glass beads and I started searching many shops to find what she was looking for. Now is the proper time to say that I love searching for beads. I love looking through the shops and especially on the internet for new materials. So upon my search I found these green briolettes you see on that tree. It was love at first site 😛 After a while of course I found the clear drop shape beads and I thought to myself that they look like morning dew. Of course it didn’t take long after that to envision a willow with these beads and here she is 🙂 She is named after Gemma of Autumnal Skies (the lovely lady I told you a while ago) –Thank you Steff for naming this lovely tree appropriately 🙂 — . You can find Gemma’s gorgeous work here: https://www.facebook.com/AutumnalSkies

Materials: This tree is made out of 30 pieces of iron wire, in black color. The beads that adorn its branches are 46 Czech glass beads in drop shape, in clear crystal color with AB coating(AB stands for Aurora Borealis. AB is a rainbow-like coating on beads. When the light catches an AB bead at a certain angle, the bead will shine/glow with various colors.), and 6 Czech Glass briolette beads in celcian aquamarine. Both kinds of beads are of the finest quality.

The base is made of birch wood which was cut in my home, painted black, sprinkled with sparkly dust and lacquered with semi gloss varnish.

Time: The time spend creating this piece is approximately 4.5 hours

This is a very special piece that literally shines with brilliance when it stands in sunlight. Definitely something that will make your day. Completely handmade and OOAK

I enjoyed so much creating this weeping willow. It is amazing how the wire and the imagination guides my hands and fingers into shaping the wire. At the moment sparkly Gemma is resting on my window gathering and reflecting the sunlight and making my day much brighter 🙂 not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, right? 😉

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