Introducing The Top 10s

Hello once again dear tree friends 🙂
Today I would like to say a few words about an exciting category I will be featuring on my blog.

Drømme Lund has been online and near all of you for a bit more than one year now. In this time I have been introduced to some wonderful fellow crafters and their amazing work. I would like to spread on the word of their work and pages, so I decided to make some themed lists to show off their wonderful creations.

The first theme will be Halloween. Be prepared to see some spooky, gothic, wonderful art that will definitely decorate and enchant your home 🙂 Witches, Jack O’ Lanterns, and much more will be featured in my blog the next weeks. Every Saturday I will be featuring one item I love from a specific artist.

Stay tuned for the no 10 on the list will be walking the paths of the Dreamy Grove on the 18th of August. The crafter’s name is Gemma Burton from Autumnal Skies 😀

Till then feel  free to walk on the haunted paths of Drømme Lund

One of the first trees on the new Halloween collection of 2012. Can be found here:


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