New Ideas

For some time now, I’ve had an idea in my mind for some days now. I am glad to see that slowly it becomes a reality. At the end I was a bit worried that I could not make this happen.

So today, I was feeling a bit down. All person’s lives have their ups and downs. It is all a part of nature. Through the hard times though there are always things that help us and give us hope. To me, one of them is creating. So I put a movie on (I usually work while watching a fantasy movie) and start working on a small tree. I played a bit with pardo clay as well for some embellishments that I am thinking of using. I am not yet certain that they will be a part of the piece that I m thinking, but it is better to be prepared.

In a few days I will be receiving on the post the last think I need to finish the piece I am thinking and I will reveal it to you then. For now here is a photo of a sneak preview. And yes, all creatures and trees in the grove are very excited about the autumn and winter that will be coming soon..

Have a great evening/day dear tree friends and wherever you are, however you feel, find in your mind the perfect sanctuary and keep in mind that our lives is a constant change. Bad things may happen, but always remember that as the wheel turns and things change, as the seasons come and go, so our hard times leave us and good times always come to us..

One copper wire tree in 2 different lightings and some holy I made with pardo clay


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