Hallow’s Eve Top 10, No 7 The Pumpkin Meeces ( Kirsten Miller – Quernus Crafts)

Greetings dear tree friends
This week I was a bit late for our top 10. I am sorry, but there are a lot of things going on in the Grove. It is a season of change. Just as autumn, sometime we have periods of our lives that are filled with change. It might be scary, especially when we are talking about major changes, but it doesn’t mean that it is a bad thing.

When a path reaches to its end another one takes its place. all we need to do is follow our intuition and chose where we want to go. Even if the path isn’t clear to us at first, it will be. I’ve always tried to walk to where my heart tells me to. It might have ended up in hardships, but through these hardships, I matured and grew up. Now, I’ve reached a point where I welcome change in my life. And the most important lesson that life reminds me at this point is that things might be very hard now, but life is a wheel it always changes. Bad times always give way to good ones, that’s the way it goes.

Autumn is a season of many changes. We say goodbye to the warm weather and the sun, but we welcome the rewards of the harvest. Apples, pears, corn and many other tasty gifts from the land 🙂 It is a time to prepare for winter, the time when mother earth rests. As we enjoy the fruits of the season everyone who is lucky to have a tree or two in their garden, must prepare to make some marmalade or preservatives of all the fruits that are left. So the last week I ve been boiling apples into apple butter. Still I have a lot of apples left but I will be sharing them with the neighbors 🙂
My house smells of apple sugar, nutmeg, and clover 🙂 This is one of the beautiful scents of autumn 🙂

The pumkins continue to grow and I am hoping for a good harvest 🙂 My plans are, of course Jack’O Lanterns, and a lot of pumpkin pies 😀

Now it is time to introduce you to the artist that visit today the Grove. She usually brings with her a lot of company. Little cute creatures that make any gloomy day a happy one 🙂 Kirsten Miller from Quernus Crafts is a very special person. I first met her online in 2009 (I think) when my sister introduced me to one of her wee creatures. I think it was Nick. I must admit that my first thought was ”awwww” I think everyone who is acquainted with Kirten’s work know exactly what I mean. At that point I was in Denmark and my sister was moody. So I thought to contact Kirsten and see if I could buy the little fellow and if she could send him to Greece. I had no idea how and if that was possible of course. That was the beginning of a great journey for me. For many reasons 🙂 I think Kirsten and Quernus Crafts opened the wonderful door of crafting for me. I am grateful that her work crossed my path especially since my life started to change back then 🙂

Kirsten is a polymer clay artist. She specializes in creating wee creatures out of polymer clay that will put a smile on your face no matter what. Made with lot of love and creative imagination, these little fellows have a life on their own. The practically ”speak” to you and of course they can be very mischievous so be careful 😛

So today these little meeces are visiting the Grove:

I love them! you can see in this photo how playful and cute they can be 🙂 A perfect piece to bring out the fun of the season. Not everything is scary at Hallow’s Eve. Kirsten shares her thoughts about them: “I particularly enjoy making animals that interact with their environment, and the mice are the most versatile at doing this. These little pumpkins were made by Louise of Dinky Delights (http://dinkydelights.blogspot.co.uk/), and when I saw them, I know that the mice just had to play in them!”

You can find the wide variety of Kirsten’s work at:

You could also read Kirsten’s story here. It is very inspiring 🙂

A big thank you to Kirsten and the wee creatures that visited my blog today 🙂 I enjoyed their company very much 🙂 A big thank you to all my dear tree friends for visiting and reading. Many hugs to you all

If you wish to read past entries of the top 10s please click here

Have a wonderful Sunday and remember the top 10 will return next Saturday 🙂



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