Hallow’s Eve Top 10, No 5 Zelda The Cute Little Witch ( Anna Forrest – Wonderful World of Forrestfairy )

Autumn Greetings Dear Tree Friends!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. In this week autumn has officially started! Exciting times for everyone. As the days grow darker we are all prepairing for the upcoming winter. Here in the Grove we have harvested the apple and I have now a fridge filled with them 🙂 I also baked some of them into pies. The house smelled of apple and cinammon. What great magic that is 🙂

We are getting really close now to Halloween so we continue with our top 10. This time the theme is witchy 😛 I ve always loved witches and the word never gave me the impression of something evil and bad. I ve always found witches mysterious and powerful beings.

We all know in the past witches were all around us.. The oldest religion and I m guessing the first one was paganism that worshiped the powers of nature that surrounds us. Back then people had pure hearts and payed more attention to the changes of nature. They were very dependent on it and since they were not advanced technologically, the awe and mysteries still remained. People had a simpler life but as seasons change so did the times. In order for a new religion to be stable and pass on into the people’s mind, they had to ”borrow” some of the old holidays. One of them was the autumn equinox which of course turned to be Hallow’s Eve. So the symbol of the witch changed into something evil.. Back then of course times were hard for everyone who believed in the old ways, but I think today we can joke a bit about the ridiculousness and at how outrageous the reactions of people were. I think most people have more respect about what they believe, which of course is an encouraging thought 🙂


So today a very special woman and a very special creation have come in the Grove. I met Anna Forrest’s work a year ago. I was so enamored with her creations! They are so cure and cuddly 🙂 After some time I saw her first gnomes and I knew I had to have one :)I contacted Anna and we had a little chat. After a while I had a little package in my hand and saw Ed 🙂 The cutest gnome I ve ever seen 🙂

I am delighted to hear Anna’s story and how she started expressing her creativity. She shares her thoughts with us: “I’ve always loved fairies and anything magical. My Nana use to live near a hollow tree and use to take me there to press my ear agenst the trunk to hear the fairies whispering, to this day I swear I could hear them. When I stayed with my Nana  she told me if I drank all my milk at breakfast, ate all my crusts on my sandwiches at lunch and ate all my vegtables at dinner a fairy would be born and in return a fairy would leave me 50p under my dinner plate. I used to check before I ate my dinner and no pennies would be there, yet after I finished and my Nana lifted my plate a 50p would always be there!
I started as a bear artist so my fairies are made out of mini bear fabrics and in a similar style to bears rather than dolls.
I love making woodland earthy fairies and creature more than pink sparkly ones, tho they are very fun to make, as i think they have more magical charm and I could imagine one peeping out from under a leaf or fern.”

Now that Halloween is close, Anna has introduced her magic Halloween creatures. That includes Zelda. A little witch with a lot of powers like turning you to a toad is you keep on saying to her that she is cute 😛 Me thinks her greatest power is that she can melt your heart after you get one small glimpse at her 🙂

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All of Anna’s wonderful creations are 100% handmade. All her designs are made from her own patterns and completely hand sewn. You can go check Anna’s work and enter her magical, special, wonderful world:

A big thanks to Anna for visiting the Dreamy Grove and a big thanks to all of you for staying with us this afternoon. Please click here if you wish to read the other entries of the top 10

And the Grove is having a small competition. You can check it here if you wish

May you all have a lovely afternoon and stay tuned for more enchanting creations 🙂

Many warm hugs to you all



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