Hallow’s Eve Top 10, No 4 Lady of the Night Choker ( Deidre Gubbels – Deidre Dreams)

Greetings dear tree friends

Today we continue our journey to autumn/Hallow’s Eve land. In today’s post I am going to share with you two things. First of all the work of a really talented woman. It is very original and perfect for dreamers 🙂 second I am going to share with you a dark short story I wrote a long time ago.

I myself being a person who loves fantasy, I was very interested i fantasy stories and games. My favorite was a role playing game called DnD. Some of you might know it. It is really interesting really. To those who dont know, DnD is a game in fantasy worlds where there is a story teller and players who can act and play fictional characters. I was instantly hooked and of course almost always I had the role of the storyteller. So, I was able to create the story and a lot of interesting characters.

I loved writing and recently I discovered a small story I had written some time ago. The reason I will be writing it on this post is that it is a dark story and it fits the theme of Hallow’s Eve. Since Deidre loves fantasy stories as well, I think it is a nice idea as well 🙂

So have a warm cuppa, relax and dream with us:

Silence all  around.. It could be a calm site, but it wasn’t. She stood on a scorched  rock that gave her good view of the border. Her golden eyes were accustomed to the never ending  darkness. Nothing could hide from her sight apart from her own kind and she knew that they would never be a threat to her.

In the distance she saw something. A person who did not belong to the dark realm. Beside her a creature with lifeless eyes stirred with anticipation.

‘’Not yet.. ‘’she said. ‘’Let him come to us, then you will feed’’

She smiled as she looked up, the Dark Guardian was soaring the sky. She screamed into the darkness, a scream not meant to scare but to lure. It sounded like the cry of a defenseless child in dire need of help.

She rested her hand on top of her pet’s head . It was a fearsome beast. Its eyes were grey, its body full of spikes made of onyx, the same material as its master’s armor. Beneath the spikes its body was a deep red color. It seemed  as if the creature was skinned underneath those pitch black spikes.

The wind shifted and her hair brushed against her armor. She laughed softly. ‘’Its time’’

Her servant rushed forward….


‘’Alright.. I think I m officially lost’’, he said with a hint of annoyance and fear in his voice. ‘’Maybe I should have stayed home’’

But that would make him like everyone else, he thought. He wished to reach a higher rank, after all ambition was allowed within certain limits, among the elves. He wanted to prove himself and he could, if he ever found the way back to his fair land.

He looked up at the sky looking for a sign of the Guardian of Light but it was nowhere to be seen.. suddenly he realized that he was getting closer to danger. At this point though, curiosity and the feeling of danger kept him going. He had found the border of the Dark Realm. Maybe with some luck, he thought, he could make one of these hateful creatures cross over and if he managed to kill one he ‘d be a hero.

Deep in the darkness he walked being alert and careful of his footing. Suddenly he heard a child’s cry coming from the scorched land. Without thinking twice he run towards that call. Too late he realized that he had made a grave mistake.

Nothing in the Dark Realm was alive..

And it was coming…

As I said today we are having a lovely dark visit from Deidre Gubbels, the artist behind Deidre Dreams. I don’t actually remember how and when exactly I met Deidre’s work, but I am glad that I did. Her work is very original and she combines yarn and polymer clay into beautiful creations. I am very impressed with the combination of colors which actually proves that gothic is not always black.

Deidre shares with us her first steps on the handmade world: ” A little under 2 years ago I discovered polymer clay. A girl at work brought some clay, and I loved it right away!
I bought some packs of fimo right that day and started playing with it.
Not long after I realised it would make me so happy to able to make pretty things with polymer clay for a living, and that’s when I started dreaming of having my own shop online. I’m a huge dreamer, so Deidre Dreams was the most logical name for my shop that popped right into my head.

A few months after that, I asked my grandmother and mum to re-teach me crochet. I was instantly hooked wink
I have a huge yarn addiction and colour addiction by now. I love crocheting and combining the crochet pieces with a pretty clay ornament.
I love that I can mix any colour with my clay to get the right piece for my crochet works.

My style and taste is quite broad. I love anything dreamy, romantic, fairy tale and mythical. I love stories, really. And apart from books and movies, my work is where I can express all my tastes, which like, I said is quite broad.
I love darker romantic stories, I love gothic, Halloween pieces, always have. But I also love fairies, myths, witches and Wicca.
My inspiration comes from all over the place. It can be from a song, the snow outside, my vacations to Scotland and Ireland, or from people.
But lately, it really often comes from my materials as well.That’s how the yarn addiction got started.
I ordered my first hand dyed and hand spun yarn about half a year ago from Wool Wench, and the textures and colours are so unlike factory spun yarn.
They vibrate with energy. And they sing to me to make something with them, and then the piece comes out of my hands just like that.

With my clay, it’s the details I love. I love making little scenes with a story in my hand and kind of making a sculpted painting with my clay.”

The item that I chose to show you today is a very elegant choker all handmade of course 🙂 I think this piece is wonderful. Dark but with color at the same time and with a stunning setting that embraces beautifully the stunning fimo piece.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Deidre share with us her thoughts on this piece: “The inspiration for the Lady of the Night choker, is kind of a combination of the material inspiring me and having a feeling or an atmosphere surround me.
It was crocheted with a yarn that came from my very first batch of hand dyed hand spun yarn. I was in a very gothic mood. Listening to Nightmare before Christmas songs and Vic Anselmo a lot.
That’s how the bat came to be on the cameo I made on the filigree.”

To everyone that loves original and unusual jewelry and accessories that are handmade with love you must check Deidre’s work. You can find her in:

A big thank you to Deidre for visiting Drømme Lund today and sharing her work with me and you. A big thank you to all of you who visited and joining us in this wonderful dark journey in this beautiful autumn day 🙂

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Have a lovely afternoon and see you soon 🙂

Many warm hugs to you all xx




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3 Responses to Hallow’s Eve Top 10, No 4 Lady of the Night Choker ( Deidre Gubbels – Deidre Dreams)

  1. deidredreams says:

    Thanks so much for this feature, Eirini! It’s such an honour, since I love your work so much!!
    And I love the story! I want to know how it continues!

    • drommelund says:

      Thanks 🙂
      As for the story, I never continued it.. Maybe I will someday
      It was some first thought of a fantasy world I was creating and actually I never finished.. Still have my notes and actually I ve written another story, I havent finished.. Many pages
      Glad you liked it 🙂

  2. Haha! I can relate to unfinished stories! It’s a great beginning, though! Would be cool to read more 😀

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