Hallow’s Eve Top 10, No 3 Witch Flying In Front Of The Moon (Faith Spicer-Jenkins – FaithsBizzar Art Stained Glass & Decoupage)

Greetings Dear Tree Friends

I hope you are all having a wonderful autumn weekend so far. It has been a busy time here i the Grove these days. It is harvest season!! Many nature’s treasures are maturing these days.

Autumn is a season of celebration, a season when all of us should pay out respects and thank nature for her generosity 🙂

The pumpkins of the Grove are maturing and today we harvested the first one! I am so delighted that the seeds I sowed in May have now given us a lot of orange pumpkins in various sizes 🙂 I will be making pumpkin soup today and it actually fits the weather, since we are having the coldest day (so far) of autumn.

Today we will be continuing our Halloween top 10. I am happy that today we will be featuring a great artist and a lovely lady from Sheerness UK. I ve known Faith for some time now and I have worked with her on various projects of the Grove. Very helpful artist that deals with stained glass and decoupage. I particularly love her stained glass work! I ve always liked the fact that stained glass can decorate beautifully a plain window and off course when the sun is up the room can be filled with lovely shades and colors.

Faith shares with us the start of her artistic and crafting adventures: “I have always loved Art but never enjoyed fine painting and drawing which I was encouraged to as a child .Both my parents are Artists and love to paint I much prefer the hands on approach sculpture and making puppets for parades and masks.My glass and jewellery are all my own designs and are all unique and individual.
As my parents where Artist’s this exposed me to many close friends who were also creative people growing up.
One owned a workshop where he made stained glass which I visited often as a child. As a teenager I worked on a back to work scheme part of which was repairing traditional church windows in Eire (Ireland).
My husband has also influenced my life he is a great artist and a tattooist and this comes through my art and crafts.
One day I was thinking what can I do to take up my spare time as due to health reasons I m unable to work full-time.
I was going a bit mad and realized Art was making me happy as I used to dabble in decoupage a bit.Then it occurred to me to try to make stained Glass objects as I had a small amount of experience .So here I am doing what I love and making me and others happy.”

One of the first pieces that I saw and caught my eye was the stained glass Witch that Faith had on her shop. I love halloween themes and this one was just wonderful! A love witch flying in the brilliance of a full moon. It is pure magic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Faith shares her thoughts about this piece: “The Stained Glass Witch I love as its simple but effective design.I chose the Creamy white Translucent Glass for the moon because when you hold it to the light it glows like the moon. It gives me a feeling of power and freedom as she fly past the moon .”

If you think that Faith’s portfolio is small, you are sadly mistaken. She creates a lot of personalized stained glass pieces and you might want to check her decoupage items as well 🙂 From lovely ornaments for your windows or your christmas tree, to gorgeous tealight holders and jewelry, Faith’s work will definitely enchant you! Just visit her Facebook page, blog or shop and browse her collection. If you wish for a more personalized item, (for instance your pet captured in stained glass), feel free to contact her and see what she can do for you 🙂

A big thanks to Faith for taking the time to visit The Grove’s Blog and a big thanks to all of you who keep on visiting 🙂

For past entries of the top ten please click here

Have a lovely day dear tree friends and stay warm 🙂

Many hugs to all of you xx



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