Hallow’s Eve Top 10, No 2 Halloween Girl ( Myriam Powell – Myriam Powell Designs)

Greetings Dear Tree Friends

I hope you are all well in this beautiful autumn day. Leaves have started falling around here. The grass is filled with gorgeous shades of brown, yellow and gold. The weather is colder, some birds are preparing to leave for warmer places and it is time for warm beverages and cozy evenings. I must admit I love the colors of autumn. I love the feeling of warm coffee and of soft blankets.

And on the other hand we have the dark theme of Hallow’s Eve. There is a balance between the coziness and the the dark theme of the season. Time to light up some candles and enjoy their shadows.. Time to let our minds wander free into the night. And off course it is time to share with you the work of a wonderful artist. 🙂

I am very happy that today Myriam Powell from Myriam Powell Designs is visiting the blog of the Grove. I recently discovered her page on Facebook and I loved her work. She designs and creates beautiful art dolls. Her style reminds me at first glance Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas. I find it dark and whimsical at the same time. Myriam combines clay and needle felting technique for her unique creations.

Myriam shares her thoughts about her work: “I like to create dolls that unlike traditional dolls, are imperfect. They are a combination of ugly and beauty trying to find balance. They can transmit sadness, happiness, laugh or a deep melancholy feeling. They always have a story to tell with their expressions, their hair, clothes …..
They express the way I see life. A fusion of opposites looking for equilibrium to make it work.
I tend to be more attracted to gothic dolls. I am fascinated by the unknown, the dark side of things (without letting it consume me), the enigma they perpetrate….
My inspiration comes from everywhere, but especially music. Usually when I’m creating a doll, a song contributes a little bit to their soul.

Today a cute Halloween Girl chose to pop out and walk into the paths of Drømme Lund. In my opinion the colors used and this whole piece brings out one of the many faces of Hallow’s Eve.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This little one seems like she has just been strolling on Halloween town one cold afternoon. Just love the colors and the expression on her face 🙂

To all of you who appreciate handmade art dolls that are unique and they can practically speak to you, you should visit Myriam’s page or browse her shop and see her lovely, dark dolls. I can tell you from now that she creates the most beautiful Santa I ve ever seen 🙂

Feel free to check her links that follow:

A big thank you to Myriam and her wonderful dolls who visited the Grove today. 🙂

And off course many many hugs to all of you who keep on returning to Drømme Lund to read and dream with me and all the little trees  🙂

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May you all have a lovely magical weekend and don’t forget to dream xx



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One Response to Hallow’s Eve Top 10, No 2 Halloween Girl ( Myriam Powell – Myriam Powell Designs)

  1. Thank you, Eirini for the lovely feature and for supporting fellow artists. I feel honored. XOXO

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